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Q: What other results have you witnessed?

My clients regularly report of feeling less stressed and happier. Pyradym has also shown an ability to relieve migraines, cramps, and joint pain. Some of my clients have also reported dramatic increases in their sense of well-being, a greater sense of clarity of their “inner voice”, and some have noticed marked increases in their arousal states. Yes, I’ve collected a few rather “bawdy“ client testimonials over the past few years! (laughs)   

 Q: What do you mean when you say “resonate” the human body?

One of the unique things about the sound frequencies generated by Pyradym is that they are not musical “notes” per se. The arbitrary standard tuning system currently used by musical instruments is an “un-natural” convention that was adopted in the early part of the last century specifically so that groups of musical instruments could effectively play with one another. They are NOT tuned in relationship to the human body. Pyradym is – it uses a unique mathematically proportional scale relevant to the human body and is designed to sympathetically resonate the human body at typical characteristic resonant or “signature” frequencies. The principle of sympathetic resonance allows a profound aspect of energizing the human body. Everything that occupies physical space has multiple resonance frequencies, and the human body is essentially a large resonant cavity to begin with. Every physical structure that makes up the human form has several characteristic resonance frequencies, as well as the associated harmonics. Esoterically, the energy of LIFE is ALL about resonance, but by using sound to resonate the human body we can esentially massage it structurally.

So, by imparting an appropriate low frequency sound energy related to the characteristic resonance frequencies of the mass structures of the body, which are your organs, glands, etc., you are not only vibrationally massaging these internal structures, but are also stimulating their capacity to detoxify.

The physical sensation of Pyradym is similar to the sensation of being vibrated in a vibrating chair or bed, but it is perceived as being much more pleasant. Mechanical vibration systems can cause side effects such as nausea, motion sickness, and “acclimation” to the sensation. There are a number of mechanical bed or chair systems out there that have limitations placed on their amount of use for that very reason. That doesn’t happen with Pyradym’s physioacoustic system – you can run it 24/7 if you want to without any adverse effects. In fact, I often sleep with it running – all night long.

Q: Earlier you mentioned brain entrainment. What is that?

Entrainment is the occurrence in humans where the major biological systems can be induced to synchronize with one another. And the application of an appropriate sound is a highly effective and non-invasive means of causing biological entrainment. So for example, if you listen to a slow repetitive sound, your brain, breathing, and heart rate will slow down and syncopate with one another, providing a deep sense of relaxation. Therefore you can resolve insomnia without the use of chemicals. I’ve been approached by researchers in pediatrics studying children diagnosed with ADD and Autism looking for a non-chemical means of suppressing unruly behavior. Also, the stereo sound field generated by Pyradym helps induce “whole brain” integration. This integration aspect can help to stimulate the neurological structure of the brain which can facilitate better cognitive reasoning, more efficient learning skills, and better motor coordination. I’ve recently read a study out of the NYU Medical Center that indicates coincidentally that one of the standard tones generated by Pyradym may help to induce a resonance within a specific region of the brain that would provide support of the central nervous system and help offset the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. That’s powerful. (continue to page 4)

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