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There is also currently an emerging body of work in the field of brain chemistry which is delving into exactly how the attributes of sound effect our perceptions of “reality”, and discussing the reason Monks tone while they meditate is to help them alter their state of consciousness. High resolution tomographic imaging scans of the brains of Buddhist Monks during meditation revealed a decrease in activity in the parietal lobes, while at the same time portions of the right temporal lobe become more active. I believe Pyradym induces the same brain patterning.

A repetitive, rhythmic sound along with the associated vibration has been shown to produce this same brain pattern activity and trigger out-of-body experiences similar to the type achieved by the Monks. That’s another great benefit of the entrainment aspect of Pyradym. For people who wish to practice meditation, but can’t shut off the “mind chatter” in their heads long enough to achieve a deeply transcendent state, Pyradym is great because it helps to quiet that mind chatter to enable you to alter your consciousness and really “go deep”. It appears to place you between that known as the delta and theta brain states. Some clients have said they were very relaxed, yet aware throughout the entire session even though I and the people in the next room could hear them snoring loudly! (laughs)

Yet still another aspect of physioacoustic stimulation is as a technique of sensory modulation – the use of vibration as a continuous tactile input to stimulate the dorsal columns of the spine so that pain signals are inhibited. Physioacoustic stimulation can function as a sort of “sonic massage” in the same sense that a normal massage can, and this massage therapist never takes a break!

So at the end of the day, Pyradym can be used as a general way to stimulate and facilitate the human body’s innate self-healing mechanisms, which is by nature a much more profound and perfect way to address the complicated systems within our bodies. I like to say that the sounds generated by Pyradym “go where they need to go”!

You know, I watched the film “What The Bleep Do We Know?” the other day, and I was inspired by the words of one of the quantum physicists, Professor John Hagelin, who in reference to the complex chemical exchanges that occur within our bodies every second of our lives, pointed to his chest and remarked that “the most sophisticated pharmacy in the universe is right in here”. It led me to ponder why we as humans always tend to look outside of ourselves for the solutions to our chronic health problems. Why not look towards stimulating the human body into producing exactly what it needs to heal?

Why do we tend to believe that the only solution is an externally ingested, chemically-based one? Why do we introduce drugs, and typically a laundry-list full of side effects, into our bodies whenever it’s out of balance? Why not try inducing the body to chemically balance itself? Your body can produce exactly what it requires to heal itself – and your body doesn’t produce “side effects”. Why not use something so subtly powerful as sound? Sound can penetrate mass, organize matter, regulate the body’s functioning – all at the cellular level. PLUS – you can easily control it, there is immediacy to it, it feels good, and it’s fun to use!

  Q: Why is Pyradym a Pyramid?

Well, when you think about it, most of the great ancient healing temples were pyramids, so I wanted the instrument to possess that aspect. In fact, the Pyradym enclosure is scaled exactly as the Great Pyramid in the Giza Complex in Egypt, with all of the sound and light generating circuitry residing on a printed circuit board that’s at the same relative vertical position as that of The King’s Chamber in The Great Pyramid.

This pyramid’s geometry was chosen for a number of esoteric energetic reasons which I won’t get into, but there’s certainly a transcendental quality to that particular geometry that resonates within the human subconscious mind. There’s a timelessness about the pyramid that resonates at the cellular level with humans – much in the same way that the shape of the guitar, or the violin or the cello does, because the basic shape of those instruments were also chosen so as to emulate the timeless contours of the female body.

And I also wanted it to resonate aesthetically and be as pleasing to the eye as possible for the people that work with it. That’s why I used as many natural external structural materials as possible: the hardwoods, the Brazilian quartz crystal, the copper. People connect to natural materials in a special way, and I wanted people to connect with Pyradym in the same way that musicians connect with their instruments – and to regard it with a sense of reverence and love. The energetic carrier frequencies associated with the intention of love and joy facilitate healing, and if people fall in love with Pyradym it makes it that much more effective and fun to use!

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