7 Minute Tone Up CD

The 7 Minute Tone-Up is an analogue-enhanced digital recording of the most powerful and well-proven healing aspect of the Pyradym Instrument – its sound output!

    pyradym cd august worley sound therapy

  • Analogue encoding technology
  • Subtle energy encoding using Numerology, Colour, Biogeometry, and Sacred Geometry
  • The disk itself is a healing tool!
  • Disk carrier tray is a Clearing Tray
  • Includes a healing guide booklet

We use subtle energy components such as numeric encoding, colour attunement, biogeometry, and sacred geometry to recover the effective energetic aspects lost in the digital recording encoding process. We even resonate each and every disk with the full sound spectrum generated by a Pyradym instrument!

The result is the warm, “organic” sound typical of traditional analogue sound presentation, coupled with the convenience of compact disk.

Additionally, the disk itself can be used as a healing tool! The powerful bioenergetic emanations of the programme disk means that the Compact Disk itself can be placed on the body to apply localized healing energy, which can be detected with standard radiesthesia tools.

An additional enhancement to the package is the disk carrier tray, which also functions as an energy-clearing device. Designed to keep the energetic encoding of the CD in an optimal condition, the subtle energy encoding in the tray graphics mean you can also place items on the CD tray to “clear” and enhance their energetic signatures!

Place rings, pendants, and other jewelry items on the CD tray too energetically clear them. Place a photograph, a written prayer or “wish”statement – anything that you would to resonate with the highest intentions! Completing the package is a booklet guide to assist your getting the best results from using the sound of PYRADYM to address pain, stress, and emotional and physical healing.

Order the Pyradym 7 minute Tone-Up CD: $22.00 (USD + $3.00 S&H)

Or contact August Worley today: info@pyradym.com

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