acoustic chakra alignmentWellness practitioners face a number of challenges when it comes to treating schedule-dependent clients. In the waiting room, Pyradym’s chakra-aligned tones relax clients before your session separating them from their workday modalities. Pyradym in your private and semi-private treatment rooms rapidly induces the Theta state making clients more receptive to your treatments. Wellness practitioners adding Pyradym to their clinics gain a unique advantage that encourages increased wellness and repeat visits.

Pyradym is ideal for:

  • Massage Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Reiki Practitioners
  • Dentists

In the waiting room, Pyradym’s variable rate automatic mode shifts your patients into a slowdown that relaxes muscles, increases breath, and relieves minor pains. Your receptionist can set the treatment cycle to reflect your current wait times giving a complete pass through of the Chakra scale to each client. Skilled receptionists observing clients can update charts with specific areas of response as Pyradym passes through each Chakra. With clients destressed and prepped for your session, Pyradym turns your waiting room into a integral part of your wellness treatments – a memorable one too.

In private session, Pyradym is ideally suited for increasing the effectiveness of your individual specialty. Just turn Pyradym on, adjust the session time and begin your standard session. Your clients will enjoy the benefit of being more relaxed early on in your session and will build on their wellbeing as Pyradym works each Chakra systematically.

One on one sessions with Pyradym in Manuel mode typically start with a 7-minute pass through of the Chakra scale. Here, Pyradym’s performance grade 300 watt sonic transducer starts off with rhythmic toning at a resonant low frequency. Pyradym’s easy to use control interface puts you in control of overtones and resonance as each note of the Chakra Scale passes. Noting reactions at each tone in the 7 minute review reveals specific Chakras needing additional attention during the remainder of the session. Your ability to monitor patient reactions and adjust Pyradym’s tonal qualities to suit grow with each session – as does your ability make a lasting impact on clients’ well being.

When we say Pyradym is designed with the practitioner in mind, we’re particularly aware of the needs of massage therapists and other specialties involved in regular manipulation. When used in advance of and during regular sessions, Pyradym reduces muscle tension and saves you fatigue while enhancing the effectiveness of your efforts. Your patients will realize the benefits and over time your practice will grow while you enjoy easier sessions.

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